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  1. "A network error occurred" when logging in or viewing riffs

  2. 404 error when confirming account

  3. App will not sync and jokes will not play.

  4. Bluetooth speakers, are they supported?

  5. Can I combine or merge accounts?

  6. Can I connect to my Library?

  7. Can I sync it manually? What about adjusting sync?

  8. Can I upgrade my purchase to HD?

  9. Can I use a coupon code in the app?

  10. Can't watch videos in iOS 13

  11. Does the app play VODs?

  12. Does the app support watching a movie via streaming?

  13. Does the Roku app cost money?

  14. Error at Checkout "Your address/zip code failed validation"

  15. Error: "Could not activate rewards"

  16. Error: "There was a problem downloading the audio"

  17. How can I attend in person?

  18. How can I get my rewards?

  19. How do I cancel my Friends subscription?

  20. How do I delete a riff I've watched?

  21. How do I enjoy a riff?

  22. How do I get my #BringBackMST3K Rewards?

  23. How do I get my Kickstarter rewards?

  24. How do I redeem my Humble Bundle code?

  25. How do I stop the popup notifications?

  26. How do I use my gift cards?

  27. How do I watch an audio commentary?

  28. How do I watch on a Roku?

  29. How do I watch RiffTrax on my computer?

  30. How do I watch RiffTrax on my tablet or phone?

  31. How do I watch RiffTrax on my TV?

  32. How do I watch RiffTrax Videos on a PlayStation 3?

  33. How long do I have to watch my purchases?

  34. I can't complete my purchase!

  35. I can't find a purchase in my Library!

  36. I found a bug, or I have feedback!

  37. I got an order email confirmation, but can't access my purchased riffs!

  38. I had a problem at checkout and now my gift card is stuck at "Pending".

  39. I have the download-to-burn (.iso) file. What now?

  40. I haven't received my bonus giftcard!

  41. I see multiple charges for my order on my statement!

  42. I subscribed to Friends on Roku, but can't watch Friends titles.

  43. If a purchased title becomes unavailable, will I still be able to watch?

  44. Is a subscription required to watch on a Roku?

  45. Is corn grass?

  46. Is RiffTrax Live available in Canada, the UK, Europe, etc?

  47. Is RiffTrax Live kid friendly?

  48. My gift card didn't apply at Checkout and I was charged the full amount.

  49. My Just the Jokes commentary runs fast, or the jokes don't make sense to what's happening onscreen.

  50. My theater had technical issues!

  51. Playback of the riff is choppy.

  52. Roku app updated, now everything is locked!

  53. Slow download speeds or issues downloading VOD files

  54. Trouble using the RiffPlayer

  55. Verification of my zipcode failed!

  56. Watching a riff sounds hard.

  57. What are "RiffTrax Presents"?

  58. What can I watch on the app?

  59. What can I watch?

  60. What do the NTSC and PAL commentary formats mean?

  61. What do the various video formats mean?

  62. What happens when I get a call?

  63. What is "Friends"?

  64. What is RiffTrax Live?

  65. What is RiffTrax?

  66. What is the RiffTrax app?

  67. What's an "iRiff"?

  68. Why am I hearing a robotic voice saying dialogue?

  69. Why are RiffTrax Live events never on weekends?

  70. Why are the shows almost always in Nashville?

  71. Why aren't all my purchases showing up?

  72. Why do you edit the movies?

  73. Why does the app have trouble with music?

  74. Why don't Shorts have a DVD image file?

  75. Why don't you do as many blockbuster MP3 riffs?

  76. Will the free riffs on the app show up in my Library?

  77. Will the live show be available to purchase?

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