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What is included with Friends subscriptions?

When you subscribe to Friends, you'll get instant access to hundreds of RiffTrax Movies and Shorts from our vast RiffTrax catalog. "Just the Jokes" products and Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes are not included in Friends subscriptions.

Does a Friends subscription include everything from the site?

Not at this time. We're a small company and, unlike the Netflixes of the world, we don't have vast library of content to offer, which means to include every release would not work in our favor from a business standpoint. While we are still exploring ways we might expand the Friends titles that are available, a Friends subscription includes all-you-can-stream access to hundreds of riffs from our back catalog - usually a few years old and older, which is still a HUGE majority of our available releases! (Be sure to drill down into all of our collections and genres to really get an idea of all that we have to offer.) 

Newer content (riffs that are newer than three years old) are currently not part of a Friends subscription - with the exception of the occasional exclusive! 

We are also planning on Friends exclusives and specials for our subscribers, and may consider other subscription tiers / options in the future. 

What makes RiffTrax Friends different?

Unlike those other 3rd party services like Tubi, Pluto and Twitch, the content from Friends is the original content as we released it. Twitch, for instance, has restrictions on language and other content, and so the version that you watch there is different from the one on Friends or the website. (GorillaGram, anyone?) But as a subscriber to Friends, you'll be provided with the video as it exists in our catalog.

In addition, the content that is up on Tubi and those other "Free with Ads" services is much smaller compared to Friends titles. For various reasons including corporate greed, many of those streaming services take a large share of revenue. But with Friends, not only are you supporting our little team directly, but you can rest assured that the Friends catalog will have the most RiffTrax titles anywhere.

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