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I'm not receiving any emails from RiffTrax.

If you're not receiving emails from us, such as a Password Reset email, there are a few things that you should check.

1. If using Gmail, make sure your account is not Over Quota.

Having too many files or emails saved in your Google account will cause our messages to bounce (including any Help Ticket replies). Check your quota status at And if you need to remove some data, follow the steps outlined here:

If you haven't gotten any messages at all from us in quite some time, this could be why!

2. Make sure the email is not going to Spam. 

Some email providers - especially Hotmail and Yahoo - aggressively flag incoming email as spam, even if the email was something you requested like a Password Reset link. If you find our messages in your Spam folder, please let your provider know they are not spam by clicking any "Mark as Not Spam" options, or flagging the message as Important.

3. Add "" and "" as Trusted Senders

This process varies by platform. Here are some instructional articles:

Gmail (create a Filter to "Never send to Spam")

4. Give it a bit more time.

Some email providers - especially Hotmail - sometimes "rate limit" senders like us to prevent spam. For password reset emails, it could take 30 minutes until you receive it in your Hotmail inbox, so please be patient.

5. Let us know! 

If none of these suggestions helped, send us a Help ticket, as it may be a "suppression" that we can clear on our side.

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