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What is RiffTrax?

In a nutshell, RiffTrax are funny audio commentaries for movies, commonly referred to as "riffs". They're written and performed by the former stars of the cult hit TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000: Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett. It's like watching movies with your funniest friends!

RiffTrax come in several varieties: 
  • Download and Stream B-movie riffs are riffs which are videos (short or feature length) that you can stream or download to any device. They include the movie or short AND the commentary combined - super easy!
  • "Just the Jokes" MP3 commentaries that you must play at the same time as your movie. You provide the movie, we provide the laughs!
  • Short films are educational films like the ones your teachers used to make you watch.
  • RiffTrax Presents are any riffs that don't include Mike, Kevin or Bill. 
  • We also sell some of our favorite titles on DVD and Blu-ray - perfect for the physical media enthusiast!

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