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What is RiffTrax Live?

While our core products are digital downloads of movies and jokes combined, as well as audio-only MP3 commentaries, we also like to bring the experience out into the world (and select theaters across the U.S.) with RiffTrax Live!, our series of live events that are broadcast to hundreds of screens simultaneously. These events are filmed on location and beamed live to select theaters in Eastern and Central time zones, and tape delayed for Mountain and Pacific (we want to make sure everyone can see them at a reasonable hour!) through our friends at Fathom Events.

For these live events, the theater-going audiences are treated to a full, concert-like experience where Mike, Kevin and Bill take the stage and perform their hilarious commentary in front of a live audience. The movie is projected onto a screen beside them, and for the broadcast viewers watching from their local theaters, the riffers' faces can occasionally be seen on screen as well.

If you've ever enjoyed a RiffTrax at home with a few friends, just imagine experiencing it in a movie theater with hundreds of other fans, knowing you're seeing it at the same time as thousands of other fans in theaters all over the country. That's RiffTrax Live!

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