I subscribed to Friends on Roku, but can't watch Friends titles.

Problem: Subscribing to "Friends" should allow you to watch Friends content; however, after subscribing for the first time, on rare instances every Friends riff will still give you the "Upgrade to watch" option, and you can't actually watch anything.

Solution: Reinstall the Roku app and try subscribing again. If the subscription was successful the first time, you will not have the option to enroll again. Therefore, reinstalling the app on the Roku should fix the problem, since we track subscriptions based on your email address. This can also occur if you received a 404 error when attempting to confirm your login details.

If you subscribed via Roku billing, you can confirm your subscription status on your my.roku.com subscription page here: https://my.roku.com/account/subscriptions

If you still can't access Friends content, please submit a ticket.

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