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Can I sync it manually? What about adjusting sync?

Yes! As of version 2.1 of the Sync App, we have added an option to enable or disable Automatic Sync, as well as normal Playback controls (such as Play and Pause) that allow you to being playback of the riff from the very beginning, including our introductory instructions.

With Automatic Sync Enabled, the app will automatically begin playing the riff when it finds sync.

With Automatic Sync Disabled, the app will still be listening, but will not automatically start playback.

For example, when watching the Star Wars films (which cannot be synced until 2+ minutes into the movie, due to the crawling title sequence), you could do the following:

1. Disable Automatic Sync
2. Press Play on the app and listen to the instructions
3. Use the Pause/Play button to begin syncing "the old-fashioned way" - even if you're not 100% accurate, don't worry! The app will always be listening in the background.
4. Enable Automatic Sync at any time to to let the app take over.

You can also adjust sync, if the jokes aren't 100% in line with the movie. There is a Sync Offset adjustment slider that you can move forward and backward to refine the timing. (If your jokes are running slightly behind, move the slider to the right to increase its timing. If the jokes are too far ahead, move it to the left to give them a bit more of a delay.) You can also tap the +/- buttons in the Sync Offset area for finer adjustment control.

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