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How can I subscribe?

So, you want to subscribe to RiffTrax Friends, eh? Great! Here are the two ways to do it.

1. Through the website.

Visit and enter a payment card when logged into your account. Once you submit the form, you'll be able to watch Friends content on our apps and through the website.

NOTE: Gift cards and discount codes are not supported for Friends subscriptions.

2. Through the Roku app. (A FireTV app is coming soon!)

If you are a Roku user, you can choose to Sign In or Sign Up for an account first. If you're not already a RiffTrax customer, choose Sign Up to subscribe. 

1. Choose Sign In and log into the app with your credentials.
2. Under the My Account screen, select the Renew option.
3. Use your Roku account (and Roku Billing) to subscribe.

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