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Are your riffs captioned?

In a word: yes! Well, most of them are. 

We have a growing list of subtitled (captioned) RiffTrax Movies and Shorts, with more being added all the time. Click here for the current list captioned riffs

How do I enable captions?

For supported titles, your easiest way to get captions is in the web player.

On's web player

Simply tap or click the "CC" button as seen below:

In addition, we provide a download link for the CC file (in a text-based format called "WebVTT").

Watching offline

You can download this VTT file and watch it with your downloadable files such as with the VLC player, by performing the following steps.

1. Download both the .mp4 movie, and the .vtt captions file.
2. Open the movie file in VLC.
3. You can either drag and drop the Captions file onto the movie while it's playing (you'll see "Subtitle Track added") or by clicking the Subtitles menu > Add Subtitle File.

On Roku

In the Roku app, you can enable or disable subtitles by pressing the Star (*)  button on your remote while any video is playing.

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