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How do I get my Kickstarter rewards?

If you backed us on Kickstarter, let us start off by saying...


You've probably gotten that a lot, but seriously, it means the world to us that our fans are so engaged and willing to help us do what we do by stepping up and donating. Backing us on Kickstarter lets us know you're serious about laughing, and we want to make sure you get your dollars' worth.

For that reason we want you to always have access to your Kickstarter rewards! You can access your rewards like so:

1. Log into the RiffTrax site.
2. Visit these links for your rewards: STARSHIP TROOPERS (2013) / GODZILLA (2014)
3. If you're given a "verify your email address" form, enter the email address that you signed up at Kickstarter with.
4. Enjoy your rewards!

If you can't get to your rewards for some reason, please submit a Help ticket.

Your Kickstarter rewards now integrate with your Library!

To make sure you have the latest rewards available, visit the Rewards pages in the links above! You should see a message letting you know that the products have been added to your account.

that due to the way our system remembers your purchase history, it will take approximately 5 minutes for any new Library additions to actually be visible in your Library page.

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