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I can't find a riff I own!

We very much want you to have access to what you purchased. 

On the Sync App

If you are using the Sync App and a riff doesn't appear in your Library there, check to make sure that riff is app-compatible. Most riffs are, but sometimes they aren't, for a variety of reasons. App-compatible riffs will tell you they're compatible in the description! Look for the "Works with the app!" block:

In addition, our Sync App does not currently support videos, but a mobile app for video riffs is coming soon.

On a TV App

Our MP3 "Just the Jokes" products are just that - jokes! - and as such won't show up in our video-only apps for Roku and FireTV. But if something you purchased isn't showing up there, it could be due to a duplicate account or other issue. (See below.)

Not showing up in any app or on the website

The typical reason a product might be because you have a duplicate account on our site. This can happen if you have used a social media login like Facebook in the past, or for Kickstarter backers, if you had multiple pledges with different email addresses associated with them, and you originally unlocked your backer rewards using the other account.

Simply submit a Help ticket with your username, and any email addresses you might have used to log in or make purchases or unlock Kickstarter rewards, and we'll be glad to take a look.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be up to a one-minute delay before new purchases will appear as "Unlocked" on their dedicated detail screen.

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