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Why don't you do as many blockbuster MP3 riffs?

In 2006 when RiffTrax was first launched, our releases were exclusively MP3 commentary tracks, which required our users to find a DVD, download the MP3, and sync the two together using their favorite MP3 playing device. It was a difficult thing to ask of people at the time, and even today we admit that it's not the most intuitive process.

Within a couple of years, as streaming video in general became popular, we began to release Video on Demand products, which included the jokes merged right into the movie in a convenient package -- first shorts, then feature-length cheesy movies. These proved to be immensely popular, as they not only required zero syncing, but allowed us to do movies that were NOT recently released on DVD, just like the old B-grade and below flicks that fans used to see on MST3K.

Because of the convenience of these products, and the fact that we can deliver them directly to your TV through your Chromecast and other set-top devices, we have shifted our focus more towards Video streaming products, and less on MP3 commentary tracks.

(Additionally, the guys have often spoken about how difficult it is to riff some of these modern-day blockbusters; many of them use fast-cutting editing techniques, are three hours long, and tend to feel the same as all of the blockbusters that came before it, which makes both the writing and enjoying the riffs harder to get through. We blame Michael Bay for starting this trend.)

We'll still be doing commentaries for movies, but for all of the reasons cited above, they may be less frequent. If you have a movie that you think is deserving of the RiffTrax MP3 treatment, submit it at our Movie Requests forum! We check that list all the time, so get your friends to vote yours to the top, and if we do riff your suggestion you might just get something to say thanks.

But wait... there's now an app for that!

Our new RiffTrax app will make synching a thing of the past. We expect this will allow us to begin making more "Just the Jokes" MP3 commentary tracks! It's free on both iOS and Android app stores. 

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