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How do I watch RiffTrax on my TV?

There are several ways you can watch RiffTrax on your TV.

Stream them!
  • You can use Apple AirPlay (iOS and Safari only) or Chrome Cast (Android Chrome only) with the streaming player on the site. You can find out more about that here,
  • Use our Roku app (FireTV coming soon).
  • Use Wii U to stream your Rifftrax VOD library on your TV & it works great!
  • iTunes has select RiffTrax titles available for sale, which you can watch using your AppleTV.

Download them!

  • Put them on a USB drive and pop it into your TV (of course you need a TV with a USB slot for it to work.)
  • Several set-top boxes support our High TV file formats. Click these links for information on how to watch on PlayStation 3, Roku 3 and Xbox 360.
  • Our feature-length B-Movie Riffs come with a file that can be burned to DVD called .iso. Click here for instructions on how to burn them to DVD.
  • If you have an AppleTV, you can download those files and stream them that way.
  • For those of you who are more tech savvy, check out PlayOn - anything that lives on your network, or networked computers, can be played on your TV through PlayOn.

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