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Error: "Could not activate rewards"

After submitting your email address through the "activation" form, you receive this message. Two things are likely:

1. If the page shows you this message but also shows your rewards, don't panic! It means we were unable to match you automatically using your email address, but your form submission was successful, and you can begin enjoying your rewards right away.

2. If the page reloads and your rewards are NOT visible, then there is a problem finding your information in our list of Kickstarter backers. Double check that you've entered the correct email address from your Kickstarter account. If that doesn't work, let us know by submitting a Help ticket.

NOTE regarding the MST3K Reunion Show and Joel's "Bring Back MST3K" campaign - which RiffTrax participated in by offering three free downloads ("Manos", "Measuring Man" and "Plan 9 From Outer Space"). Please note that the Reunion Show download is not part of the rewards offered for that campaign; only backers of our Time Chasers / Reunion Show Kickstarter at the $50 and higher get the Reunion Show download as part of their rewards.

For Joel's campaign, all of the RiffTrax rewards for #BringBackMST3K are accessible via a link on the #BringBackMST3K BackerKit page. Check Kickstarter for updates and those links if you're not sure where to go, and visit the MST3K Kickstarter FAQ for more information. 

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