I have the download-to-burn (.iso) file. What now?

Our download-to-burn content is served as a single .iso file, which is a DVD "image" file that can be readily burned to a DVD! (Surprise, surprise.)

Note: some of our DVD files require a dual layer burner.

For Windows users, it should be as simple as dragging the .iso file into your favorite DVD-burning software (note that you'll want to use the "Burn image" option) and clicking the Burn button!

However, If you don't already have image-burning software (such as from Roxio or Nero) download and install the free program ImgBurn (click here to download it from the ImgBurn website). 

Mac OSX users: you can easily use Disk Utility (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility) to burn your image. After launching Disk Utility, go to File > Open Disk Image and browse to your downloaded .iso file, and hit Burn. (Of course, you can always use Toast or your favorite DVD-burning application.)

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