I found a bug, or I have feedback!

If your app won't download or sync the riffs, or if you encounter any other problems, please submit a bug report through the app. You can do so by tapping the ? menu from any main screen, and then tapping Contact Us > Report a problem, and then send the log file through email. The log file will contain technical information that will allow us to troubleshoot (and fix!) the issue.

Since the app is a actively in development, we would love to know more about your experience. Things like:

- What do you think of the app in general?
- What additional features would you like to see? (Other than the ones we've mentioned are on the way...)
- Did you try playing with a Bluetooth speaker? Did it work well?
- How long did syncing take?

Send us a message through the app's Contact Us feature, or submit a Help ticket and let us know!

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