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How do I watch RiffTrax Videos on a PlayStation 3?

Our recommended method for watching our movie downloads on a PS3 is the following:
  1. Download the mp4 for TVs (the "High-TV" format) from your Library.
  2. Load the file onto a USB drive.
  3. Insert the USB drive into one of the PS3's front USB ports.
  4. Go to your PS3's main screen ("X-Kross") and go to Video. Scroll until you see your USB Drive.
  5. Press the Triangle button on your remote or controller and select "Display all".
  6. Browse to your newly-downloaded file and hit Enter (or X) to start watching.
You can also use DLNA-type media servers - such as PlayOn, Plex, Playstation Media Server, etc. - to stream your RiffTrax content from a computer to your PlayStation or other DLNA-capable device. Of course, this requires 3rd-party software (such as Plex).

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