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App will not sync and jokes will not play.

The app is a constant work-in-progress, and as such, occasionally it will have trouble syncing with a movie that's playing, resulting in no jokes being heard. And who in their right mind wants to watch Transformers unriffed?!

1. Try re-downloading

Occasionally, failure to sync is the result of a faulty download within the app. First thing to try: delete the title from the app by tapping the "Edit" link in the Downloads screen, and then removing the title in question. Download it again from your Purchases screen, and give it another try.

2. Send us your logs!

If that doesn't work, this means there is potentially a problem with the "sync package" for this movie. In order to get this resolved, please submit a bug report by tapping the "?" icon in the top left corner of any main screen, then tapping Contact us > Report a problem. 

If you're unable to launch the app, send us a Help ticket instead.

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