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I haven't received my bonus gift card!

For some of our products and promotions we often will give you a digital gift card as a way of saying thanks (and to get you back to the site in the near future - how sneaky of us!). But sometimes it looks like the gift card didn't appear as it doesn't show up in an email invoice. 

But fear not! The gift card is applied automatically to your account, and you can verify that by going to the "My Account" area and clicking the "Gift cards" tab. It will be listed there (usually with a label of the promo it was generated by) and its current balance. The gift card is securely awaiting usage by you during your next order!

PLEASE NOTE: To receive a gift card as part of a Promotion that requires a minimum order total (for example: "Buy $50 worth of riffs after discounts and get a $15 gift card!"), Gift Cards applied to your order will act as a discount, and do not count towards the order total. Purchasing a gift card does count towards the promotional bonus, but redeeming a gift card does not.

If you have questions on this process feel free to open a Help ticket and we'll get things sorted out.

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