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Bluetooth speakers, are they supported?

Yes! As of version 2.7, which requires Android 5+ and iOS11+, the RiffTrax Sync App now supports Bluetooth! Compatible with wireless earbuds, speakers, and hearing aids, and will work whether you are connected from the start of the sync session or connect after sync has been achieved.

How it works:

- Use your device's microphone to listen to the audio of the movie. 
- Jokes will come through your connected speaker or headphones!
- Adjust using the "Sync Offset" slider during Automatic Sync to account for any lag due to Bluetooth. (Or use the playback +/- buttons during Manual playback.)

What is "Keep-awake noise"?

Some BT speakers, especially BTLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy) devices, will go into sleep mode when there is more than a few seconds of silence in order to save battery power. Since our "Just the Jokes" riffs typically have stretches of silence between each joke, the app can send a constant low-volume white noise to your connected device to prevent mid-sentence waking-up of your BT device. 

Enable this feature if you find your device falling asleep in between jokes.

NOTE: While the white noise is very low in relation to the level required to keep devices awake (according to our testing), it may be noticeable on some high-quality speakers.

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