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What are "Just the Jokes"?

As the name implies, Just the Jokes are commentary tracks containing humorous commentary from our riffers. You must sync them up to your copy of the movie.

When RiffTrax first launched in 2006, this was the only type of product we offered! We used MP3s (similar to what folks knew back then mainly for podcasts and burning a "mixtape" CD) to allow us to create MST3K-style commentaries for big blockbuster movies that we could never get the rights to do as VOD.

Back then the easiest way to get a copy of the movie was through a Blockbuster rental, or Netflix was sending only DVDs! But now you can find most of the same movies we used for our commentaries on the streaming services - see each product page for a helpful block of links to such services, where applicable.

And check out the RiffTrax app to easily sync our Jokes to your Movie! 

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