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Why should I sign up for Friends?

You may look at the plethora of streaming services out there, especially the ones that have RiffTrax content, and ask yourself, "Why should I sign up for Friends when I can get your riffs for free elsewhere?"

I'm glad you asked! 

The main thing is that Friends has way, WAY more content than any of those services ever will. The reason is mainly due to licensing: when we license a movie, the licensor or distributor may have requirements that the site is only allowed on our site, or on our O&O platforms (owned and operated). That means there are some riffs that will never go up to Amazon, period.

Another thing to keep in mind is all of those services take a large cut of the revenue. We may get 70%, if we're lucky, or in the case of Amazon, 10% or less - especially for riffs that are "Free with Prime." Those views count for pennies on the dollar, and so we've actually scaled way back the volume of content available there without a purchase. 

However, we do collect ad revenue and also a revenue share based on minutes streamed; this is how the majority of streaming services work. It's not a lot, compared to a Friends subscription, in which 100% of your payment goes directly to support us and help keep the company afloat and allow us to keep doing what we do.

Aside from all this business-y stuff, we've worked very hard to make Friends the best place to stream RiffTrax. You can watch a random riff with the "Rand-O-Riff" button, enjoy your entire Library of purchased video content, as well as create a playlist (on the site or FireTV) and watch the entire list of riffs all in a row. We also create curated, hand-crafted playlists each month with rotating favorites, like "National Family Month" and "International Animal Day."

On top of that you also get a 5% discount on the RiffTrax website, just for being a Friend.

The name says it all - we're a small company that wouldn't still be around if it weren't for our loyal, amazing customers, and we like to think we're all besties (or at least, platonic acquaintances) - hopefully these are all reasons enough why Friends is worth your subscription dollars.

Thank you for being a Friend! 

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