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What is "Friends"?

Friends (Through Eternity) is our new Subscription service that's aimed at cheese-lovers and RiffTrax fans everywhere who want to enjoy streaming RiffTrax Movies for a low monthly fee. 

When you become a Friend, you'll gain access to hundreds of B-movie Digital Video riffs. You can watch them by streaming from the website (using most built-in players on computers and even smart TVs or game consoles), or on your TV with Google Cast (Windows/Linux/MacOS/Android) or Apple AirPlay (MacOS / iOS) as well as our Smart TV apps! 

Sign up or log into your existing account with our Roku channel or FireTV app, and watch your Friends subscription content as well as your entire Library of RiffTrax Video purchases.

Becoming a Friend costs $5.99 per month (or get a month free with a Yearly subscription) and includes a 7-day free trial if you subscribe through Roku or the website (FireTV does not include a trial period at this time).

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