How do I watch RiffTrax on my tablet or phone?

To watch RiffTrax videos on your tablet or phone, we recommend that you download the file from your RiffTrax Library, linked at the top right of the screen when you're logged in.  Once you've selected the title you want to download, choose Low or Medium for your phone, Medium for your tablet and add it to your phone or tablet's video library.  

Currently, phones running IOS can only add files by downloading them first to your computer, then syncing the file through iTunes. Someday soon, we hope to have an app that eliminates the need for this!

For audio commentaries, we recommend using the embedded streaming player to play right from your "Play" page. You can also download the MP3 version to your device for off-line, anytime listening! (Note: for iPod or iPhone users, as with video riffs, your best option will probably be to download the mp3 to a computer that is linked to your iTunes account, and syncing it to your phone that way.)

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