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How do I use a Friends coupon?

If you were gifted some free Friends time, or backed the #MakeMoreMST3K campaign, here's how you can use your Friends code:

New Friends subscribers

If you've never subscribed to RiffTrax Friends before, you can enter the code at the same time you subscribe on the "Subscribe" page here. Note that coupons cannot be redeemed through TV Apps like Roku or Fire TV and require a website subscription.

Since this is a new subscription, you'll have the usual 7-day free trial, and then:
 - For monthly subscribers, your first full month will be FREE!
 - For annual subscribers, your first year will cost $59 instead of $64.99. That's THREE free months instead of TWO!  

If you apply multiple coupons to your subscription, the credit will accumulate and will apply as much as possible to future invoices until the credit runs out. The Subscription Details page will show you how much credit exists on your account, and the upcoming invoice total(s) will reflect the amount minus any promotional credit.

Existing Friends subscribers

If you're already a Friend of RiffTrax, there is one option:

Existing Website-based subscribers

If you subscribed through our website (using the Friends page) you're ready to go. Just visit your Subscription page and enter the code into the "Apply a promotional code" form at the bottom as seen here:

The discount will take effect on your next billing cycle's invoice, which could be on a monthly or annual basis. Multiple "quantities" of the code will need to be applied individually. It is possible to apply multiple coupons to a subscription, but they must be redeemed separately.

Existing TV app subscribers (Roku, FireTV, etc.)

If you signed up through a TV app such as Roku or FireTV, unfortunately a code cannot be used there. You will need to cancel the subscription through the original provider, and then re-subscribe to Friends through our website in order for the coupon to apply, and include the code in the coupon field.

Why do I still need to enter a credit card?

Even with some free Friends time, we'll still need your card details in order to begin any new subscriptions, so that we can charge you once the free time has run out. You can cancel any time.

One more thing...

Entering a coupon code for a month of Friends does NOT automatically begin a Friends subscription. You still need to subscribe here, and enter your card details so we can charge you after your Friends coupon has run out.

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