Friends content is locked, and I can't watch anything.

Content was unlocked with my subscription, but it's now locked.

- Resetting your password on the website will log you out, and you may need to login. Try resetting your password if you think you may have Signed In to the app with the wrong email address (one that is different from your Roku account email).

Roku Pay subscribers

Please visit your Roku device's settings by going to Settings > System > About and make note of the email address in use. For Roku Pay subscribers, this is important since most of the time your subscription will be connected to that email address. 

We recommend using the same email address for your account as you use for your Roku Pay subscription, to avoid losing access. But feel free to open a Help ticket and we'd be glad to walk you through some steps of getting this fixed! 

RiffTrax Website subscribers

You can log into your using your credentials (username or email address, and password).

Need to change your password? Click here.

Not a Friends subscriber? 

Just our favorite customer? Sweet! Every Digital Video riff you own in your Library will be unlocked in the app's Library screen - just choose Sign In.

Some content still locked, even though you own it?

Friends Subscriptions always offer the best quality of every title that is available to our subscribers, even in the cases where a product has both an SD and an HD version. If you own the SD version, the HD one may be locked across the app. We'll fix this in a future update! 

If you have any trouble with the app, please open a Help ticket so we can assist you directly! 

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