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How do I watch RiffTrax on my computer?

RiffTrax come in two main types: videos that are the movie and commentary combined for a streamlined viewing experience, and audio MP3 files that you play along with your copy of the movie that you must provide.

Pre-packaged riffs (Stream or Download products, commonly referred to as "VODs"), are cheesy movies or shorts that we've combined with our commentary, and can be downloaded or streamed to your computer directly from your Library page! To download, just choose your preferred format.  To stream, just select stream and watch it just like you might a movie on Netflix or Hulu!

The "Just the Jokes" commentaries are audio MP3 tracks ONLY! This is because, unlike many B-movies that are public domain, we're prevented by law from selling you a movie like Twilight or Star Trek, or else risk being ground into a fine powder. To get around this limitation, you must provide the movie (either on DVD, an iTunes download, and even some Netflix streams) and then play the MP3 file along with it. Voila! Instant MST3K-like commentary for modern blockbusters.

This is easier than it sounds!  Simply open the MP3 on your computer using an MP3 player and listen to the instructions.  Then open your DVD movie on your DVD playing program and sync it up!  You can also use our RiffTrax app for automatic syncing for a ton of titles!

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