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What can I watch on the Roku channel?

The RiffTrax app was designed for subscription-based viewing of a selection of RiffTrax content, as well as watching any previously-purchased Riffs and MST3K episodes (as you would find in your Library). You do not need a subscription to access your purchased Library of Digital Videos through the Roku app; the "Friends" monthly subscription gives you access to hundreds of riffs for a low monthly fee.

When using the Roku app, you have two options:

1. Subscribe through the app to "RiffTrax Friends" for $5.99/month (paid through Roku billing), or

2. Login using your existing RiffTrax account. You can also subscribe to Friends with a credit card through the site.

Subscribing allows you to start watching Friends-only content right away - however, to access Library content, you will need to choose Login. 

We recommend existing users Log in through the app; you can always add a subscription later.

PLEASE NOTE: The Friends system does not provide access to ALL RiffTrax content. Our selection of Friends content includes from our back catalog. Newer content is not part of the Friends membership at this time.

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