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How do I enjoy a riff?

RiffTrax come in two main types: videos that are the movie and commentary combined for a streamlined viewing experience, and audio MP3 files that you play along with your copy of the movie that you must provide.

The pre-packaged Video riffs (also known as VODs) are cheesy movies or shorts that we have combined with our commentary, We provide a streaming video player to allow you to watch them instantly, along with mp4 files you can download and play on any video-playing device, lke tablets, PS3, Roku 3, Wii U, and more! We also sell riffed versions of educational short films, like the ones you were forced to watch in grade school.

The audio-only "Just the Jokes" riff commentaries are audio MP3 tracks ONLY! This is because, unlike many B-movies that are public domain, we're prevented by law from selling you a movie like "Twilight" or "Star Trek." To get around this limitation, you must provide the movie (either on DVD, an iTunes download, and even some Netflix streams) and then play the MP3 file along with it. Voila! Instant MST3K-like commentary for modern blockbusters.

For more information on how to watch a Just the Jokes audio commentary with your movie, please visit this Knowledgebase article

We also do live shows! Every now and then, the guys will perform their commentary in front of a live audience, and that show is beamed to theaters across the country!

And finally, you can find a selection of our titles on Blu-ray and DVD. These are the physical media formats you're used to! Unfortunately, since RiffTrax is a digital-first company, and due to the cost of production involved, we can't make DVDs or Blu-rays for everything. Let us know what you'd like to see!

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