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How can I attend in person?

Tickets to attend the live shows LIVE and in person generally go on sale 1-2 months before the show date. That means, tickets for our next events are not available yet. If we end up planning a show for May, as an example, you can expect the tickets to become available in April.

You can find links to all current and upcoming events, as they are made public, by visiting our main RiffTrax Live hub. There you will also find links to download previous live events, or their MP3 riffs, as we are allowed. Depending on contractual obligations with our partners and the studios involved, not all of our live shows are available as Video on Demand.

How can I find out about future shows?

To be notified of upcoming events, and to find out when and where you can attend the show, your best bet will be to sign up for our mailing list:

Backers of any current year Kickstarter campaigns will always get first bite at in-person tickets - we'll send exclusive backer-only links during the course of the campaign. 

Lastly, if you're on Facebook, consider giving us a Like there: - we'll always post show announcements, as well as Kickstarter links when the time comes. Make sure you allow our posts to show up first in your Feed to make sure you don't miss anything.

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