"RiffTrax, please riff '_________________'"

Something Completely Different 3 (This is my last (and best) something completely different idea.

I think that I have always liked the 'host segments' of MST3K as much, if not more, than I liked the movie riffing.

The host segments were done partially as a time filler, and partially as a buffer to begin and end the television commercials.

Rifftrax has been riffing movies and shorts for a long time now, (and doing a great job of it, I might add.), but isn't it time to get all of the riffers back in front of the camera, not emulating MST3K. but doing something completely different and original? Isn't it time? Isn't it?

Back in the day, there were a number of people who would acquire the American rights to old movies, (usually foreign), and redub them into English, and present them to English audiences in the movies, and many times the redub imports would go directly to the new media of television. Some entrepreneur directors would do the same thing, except that they would change the film's original story, film new scenes with American actors, and redub the foreign actors lines to fit into the new storyline and try to blend it in with the reshot footage. Director Jerry Warren did this a lot with mixed, (usually poor), results. I think that John Carradine was probably in most, if not every one of these cut and paste movies that was ever made.

Steve Martin used this idea brilliantly when he took scenes from a number of old black and white movies, made up a new storyline, filmed scenes that matched the film clips and he interacted with the actors in the old movie clips, blending the newly filmed footage scenes and actors. The result: a very funny murder mystery story that worked seamlessly. Steve Martin's 'Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid' is highly recommended viewing if you have never seen this very original, very funny movie.

I propose that Rifftrax try this same idea. Come up with an original movie plot, take dialog clips from different movies, or find one movie, and seamlessly blend their newly filmed footage with the movie's other footage, provide creative editing and pasting, some sound effects, some music if needed, and come up with a hilarious new original new movie.

This would require a lot of time, and expense, so if you think that this might be a do-able idea, you probably will need the backing and financial support of a large studio, like Comedy Central (welcome home) or Netflix, maybe even Amazon studios? I doubt someone like Universal, or Warner Brothers is open minded enough to even bother with something like this. They are too **** big and not open minded enough!

There is a lot of potential and possibilities with this seed of an idea, and it does need a lot of work, but could this be the dawn of a new era for Rifftrax,.

Could the riffers be reborn as actors and find their way back in front of our television screens?

Vote yes for Rifftrax to once again become the actors that they were destined to be and take comedy to heights never before imagined.

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