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Logan's Run

Its got Farrah! Come on!

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  • Fangarius commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Okay, Dave, let me kind of spice this up for you.. basically, Logan's Run was the definitive dystopian future film of the Seventies... basically because it's about people who exist only to live up to 30 (in the book, 21, but back then, who could you play to pass off as 21?) and ritualistically get killed on the belief when you fly into an energy field, you get 'renewed..'

    And if you don't believe that crap and attempt to avoid your fate (courtesy of some crystal implanted in your palm), you go off running like an idiot, being pursued by an elite force to shoot you for believing in something called Sanctuary. Doesn't that sound lovely?

    Not even the Jetsons could come up with this.. anyway, this is where the story starts since Logan belongs to this odd police force and believes life is good. Until the computer control wants Logan to infiltrate the rebels and locate this Sanctuary, so it can exterminate it like mad Daleks. So it advances Logan's expiration date and he now finds himself on the run.

    The hilarious part of it is that Logan goes on a wild excursion from seductive companions, to a crazed plastic surgeon with Farrah as his assistant, to a robot that likes freezing everyone and everything. And you thought your day was stressful!

    So why should it be riffed?

    1. Michael York's finest work here was this film. Basically, I love the fact this was only Michael's action-based film, though for the most part he keeps giving these surprised expressions as if he has no idea what's going on in the first place. He also manages to keep calm in even the most dire danger and apparently knows what to do, though he's supposed to be clueless about the outside world.

    2. The Freezing Robot: Basically more of a lunatic who likes spraying things with liquid nitrogen and just sits there laughing maniacally while Logan attempts to beat him off.

    3. Farrah's unusual cameo: The only time you see her is as the mad plastic surgeon's assistance and that's it. You never really know what happens to her afterwards, until probably the end.... and a BONUS reason (warning 'spoiler alert)

    4. Sanctuary is actually a crumbling building inhabited by an aging man with tons of cats. No seriously, Logan and his companion meet a survivor who lives in a giant library or such and resides with a never ending supply of cats. And the fascinating thing about him is his beard.. you heard me right.. not his wisdom.. or how he survived.. but his beard..

    So yes, I believe this classic is ripe for riffing. Whaddya think, sirs?

  • Kristy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The quintessential sci-fi film- not 2001- this! I don't know why you haven't riffed "the sexiest movie ever" - Ross Gellar thinks this in the friends episode The One With Ross and Monica's Cousin-

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