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What is the RiffTrax app?

The RiffTrax app is a mobile device app for iOS 7+ and Android 4+ that makes syncing RiffTrax "Just the Jokes" ridiculously easy!

1. Purchase a compatible "Just the Jokes" commentary via the app or the site, and download it from within the app to your device.
2. Play your copy of the movie.
3. Hit PLAY on the app - the app will begin listening to the movie and will play the jokes at the exact right spot - automatically. SCIENCE!!!!

Sync takes approximately 30 seconds, after any dialogue is heard. Note that for movies which begin with a long musical introduction. the jokes will begin soon after the first bits of sound effects and dialogue/speaking are heard by the device. (See this article for an explanation.) 

Riffs that are compatible for use with the mobile Sync App will show an "App Compatible" badge, as seen here:


- Syncs your apps automatically by listening through your device's mic!
- Connect to your Library! Login to your account at any time for access to your purchased MP3 riffs. (Not all are compatible - see this catalog page.)
- Search the catalog and filter by date, rating and title


- Bluetooth Speakers are not supported
- Facebook login is not yet supported
- No "back" button softkey support in Android

Get the app now and start watching RiffTrax Just the Jokes commentaries in a whole new way!

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