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Can't log in to a TV app (Roku, FireTV)

Issues with login can sometimes be a simple fix. Luckily, our TV apps such as the Roku and FireTV app all utilize the same user database, which is the one the site uses - which means your login that works for the website should work for the TV apps. 

The flow is a little bit different between the Roku and Fire app (Roku requires you to enter your username and password, while the Fire app utilizes a Device Code system) but they both connect to the same database of users to verify your account information.

App keeps logging me out

If you can log in but then the app loses your account information after a day or two, this is how to fix it. 


This is an issue we had for a while where our access tokens were not expiring correctly. You must clear the old data out and then sign back in for the changes to take effect. 

1. Go to the FireTV device's Home screen.
2. Click the "Gear" (Settings) icon over on the right side.
3. Navigate to Applications > Manage Installed Applications.
4. Click on RiffTrax.
5. Click Force Stop, then Clear Data (confirm) and then Clear cache.
6. Launch the application and re-link your account.


Logging out and then back in should fix this, but if not, please contact us at

Roku will not log me in.

The Roku devices will typically try to automatically put your Roku account's email address into the E-mail address field. However your account on the website might not use the same address. Things to try instead:

1. Verify that the email address you're signing into the app with is correct and free of typos;
2. Try logging in using your username instead of an email address
3. Update your password by sending yourself a Password Reset Link and then log in again with the new password.

FireTV will not log me in.

Since the FireTV app requires you to sign into the website on a browser (or mobile device browser), any login issues may be the result of your account not existing, being disabled, or using a different email address. Things to try:

1. Make sure your browser isn't overriding a typed password with a saved one! Sometimes Google Chrome in particular will overwrite the username/password fields with a previously saved value that could be outdated.
2. Try logging in with a different email address, or your username. 
3. Did you use Facebook to register for an account? If so, you may need to reset your password by sending yourself a Password Reset Link.

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