Roku app updated, now everything is locked!

Anything you own on your page will be unlocked in the app. But you'll need to sign in first — or become a subscriber to Friends of RiffTrax!

NOTE: "Friends" shows the best quality of every title that is available to our subscribers, even in the cases where a product has an SD and an HD version. If you own the SD version, the HD one will be locked across the app. We'll resolve this discrepancy in a future update! 

Already a Friend of RiffTrax?

If you're a subscriber to Friends on Roku who's been logged out after an app update, and you use Roku Billing to pay for it, and you've tried logging in with an email address that is different from what is used on your Roku device, please try the following steps to reconnect your account:

Please visit your device's System settings by going to Settings > System > About and making note of the email address in use.

Next, log into the RiffTrax website at, and then visit our Roku page at

Existing users:

If you're a Friends subscriber and also have an account on, and they use different email addresses, please visit, and in the form on the right, enter your Roku email address that you subscribed with. This will make sure that your future purchases are synced to the correct app account.

Not a user yet?

Visit the app's Settings tab, and then click Sign In / Sign Up. Choose Sign Up and then use the information that is filled in by default (so that your account's email address is the same as the one you subscribe to Roku with). When that's finished, after a few moments a "Renew" button will appear. Click that button to become a RiffTrax subscriber.

Not yet one of our Friends?

 Just our favorite customer, eh?

No problem! For $5.99 you can get unlimited streaming of hundreds of hours of hilarious content, including feature length B-movies, RiffTrax Live shows, short films, and more! Check out our Friends page for more.

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