Logged out of Roku, logging in asks me to "Upgrade"

If you're a subscriber to Friends on Roku who's been logged out after an app update, and you use Roku Billing to pay for it, and you've tried logging in with an email address that is different from what is used on your Roku device, please try the following steps to reconnect your account:

[Before proceeding, please visit your device's System settings by going to Settings > System > About and making note of the email address in use.]

1. Uninstall the app. (You'll need to also cancel your subscription, but you can resubscribe in the next step.)

- From the home screen, highlight the app and press the Star (*) button. Then select Manage subscription -> Cancel. Once that processes, remove the channel from your device.

2. Visit https://my.roku.com/account/subscriptions, and scroll to the Friends subscription. Click "Resubscribe."

3. Reinstall the app.

4. Launch the app and choose "Login", and then enter your Roku account's email address.

5. Click the link that is sent to you in your email.

- If you don't get the email after a few minutes, it's possible that your email provider is "throttling" or deferring our emails. Please give it a bit of time, but please submit a Help ticket if you still haven't received an email after a couple of hours.

NOTE: If you're a Friends subscriber and also have an account on RiffTrax.com, and they use different email addresses, please visit https://www.rifftrax.com/roku, and in the form on the right, enter your Roku email address that you subscribed with. This will make sure that your future purchases are synced to the correct app account.

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