Login or Subscribe - which should I choose?

When you launch the Roku app, you'll be given two options: Login or Subscribe.

Returning customers: Login

For Returning RiffTrax customers with a Library of riffs already under their belt, we recommend choosing Login. The system will ask you for your email address that you use on the site, and then when you enter it, you'll receive an email asking you to verify your address by clicking a link.

When you choose this option, please ensure your email address you entered into the Login screen is the same as the email address you use on RiffTrax.com. You'll be able to subscribe to Friends later on if you want, by clicking a video in the app you don't own, or by subscribing through the site (coming soon).

New users: Subscribe (if you want)

For NEW RiffTrax customers, we would recommend the Subscribe option; doing so will subscribe you to the Friends service, and immediately unlock hundreds of hours of hilarious streaming content The Roku Billing system uses the email address on file with your Roku. We think this is the best option for anyone who's never watched a Riff, but always wanted to. 

An account on the site will be automatically created with your Roku Billing email address, and you'll be able to make purchases through the site later that will automatically appear in your Roku app's "Library" section.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an existing Library on RiffTrax.com, but choose to Subscribe first, you will have trouble watching your purchases. Please make sure both email addresses are the same - for example, your Roku billing email address should match your RiffTrax.com account email for an optimal experience.

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