I can't find a purchase in my Library!

Well, that doesn't sound right! We very much want you to have access to what you purchased. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 5 minute delay before new purchases will show up in your Library page (which is integrated with our catalog and search). However you can always see new purchases immediately at the "Purchased Library" if you are so inclined.

Another reason this could happen is if you checked out using PayPal Express (which is the PayPal button on the cart page) but you weren't logged into your account on RiffTrax. Since PayPal doesn't require you to log in, it used your PayPal email address to locate your account on RiffTrax.com when you completed your order. Since these two email address don't need to be the same, our site couldn't find you, and so it created a new account for you instead. 

Simply submit a Help ticket with your actual username, and the email address you use for PayPal, and we'll switch the order over.

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