"Sign In" vs. "Sign Up"

When you launch the Roku app, you'll be given two options: Sign In or Sign Up.

Which do you select? Here's how to decide:

Are you an existing RiffTrax.com customer? Choose Sign In.

(You can subscribe to Friends later!)

With V2 of the Roku app, an account at RiffTrax.com is required. If you already have an account, then choose to Sign In with your existing RiffTrax.com credentials.

If you have issues signing in (for instance, if you use Facebook Login to access the website, and don't know your password) visit the Password Reset page to update your password.

Then, if you want to Subscribe, you have two options: sign up through the website, or in the Roku app.

You will also have access to your Library of VODs through the My Library screen.

If you do NOT have a RiffTrax account: choose Sign Up.

For NEW Friends subscribers, or if you do NOT already have an account on RiffTrax.com, choose the Sign Up option; doing so will subscribe you to the Friends service, immediately giving you access to hundreds of hours of hilarious streaming content! The app will fill in your email address from your Roku account, and ask you to create a RiffTrax account:

An account on RiffTrax is required in order to maintain your subscription. So for new subscribers, we recommend using your Roku account email address for your RiffTrax.com account, to make the process more smooth.

An account on the site will be automatically created with your Roku Billing email address, and you'll be able to make purchases through the site later that will automatically appear in your Roku app's "Library" section.

If you receive an error message at this step, it could be that you already have an account with RiffTrax. Go back to the main screen and choose Sign In instead.

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