What can I watch on the app?

The RiffTrax app was designed for subscription-based viewing of a selection of RiffTrax content, as well as watching any previously-purchased Riffs and MST3K episodes (as you would find in your Library). You do not need a subscription to access the Roku app; the "Friends" monthly subscription gives you access to hundreds of riffs for a low monthy fee. Click here for details.

When using the Roku app, you have two options:

1. Subscribe through the app to "RiffTrax Friends" for $5.99/month (paid through Roku billing), or

2. Login using your existing RiffTrax account. You can also subscribe to Friends with a credit card through the site.

Subscribing allows you to start watching Friends-only content right away - however, to access Library content, you will need to choose Login. 

We recommend existing users Login through the app; you can always add a subscription later.

Friends integration is coming to www.rifftrax.com soon.

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