I found a bug, or I have feedback!

Great! Since this is a constant work in progress, we would love to know more about your experience. Things like:

- What do you think of the app in general?
- What additional features would you like to see? (Other than the ones we've mentioned are on the way...)
- Did you try playing with a Bluetooth speaker? Did it work well?
- How long did syncing take?

Submit a Help ticket and let us know!

P.S.: If you can, please include your log file, as well as what type of phone you're using (including make/model and OS version). This detailed information is required in order to fully troubleshoot your issue. Instructions below:

We ♥ Log files!

To get your app's logfile, after you experience a crash or sync issue, close the app (and do not reopen it). Then follow these steps:

On Android:

Simply use an app such as File Explorer to email or save the file. The file is called RiffTrax_log.txt and can be found in the root of your device's /sdcard directory.

On iOS:

- Open iTunes application.
- Select iOS device near top.
- Select Apps tab at left.
- Scroll down to “File Sharing” section and click on “RiffTax” entry.
- Save “RiffTrax_log.txt” by either dragging out of iTunes or by clicking “Save to…”.

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